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I recently attended a two-week day camp focused on marine sciences. The session that I was apart of was fairly small, which was nice as it allowed everyone to get to know each other really well and made it capable for the teacher/counselor to talk to everyone in detail if anyone had a question. The main person that was in charge of use throughout the two weeks was a young women who this fall will be staring graduate school. Her name was Dani and super friendly to everyone. She even stated several times that she would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for any of us that was interested.

Everyday it seemed that the group was taking a mini field trip somewhere. One of my favorite spots that we went was Middle Cove near Cape Arago. This cove in particular was an adventure to go to as in order to get down to the beach, there was a steep and narrow trail that everyone had to walk down to. In the end, however, it was worth it as Middle Cove has a reputation for always being able to find some seaglass there. I was able to collect two whole handfuls of glass and other cool looking agates. I also found pieces of trash such as a bait bag, two golf balls, a sauce container, and an aluminum beer bottle; I carried all of the found trash to a trash can, where I properly disposed of it.

During the camp, all the students were expected to come up with a project related to marine biology, this was really fun as there were no requirements except the project needing to relate to the ocean in some way. I chose to continue progress on my tiny house, which I plan to have the majority of the materials be either recycled, reclaimed, or eco-friendly materials. It related back to the ocean as I discussed the possibility of using plastic water bottles as insulation, unfortunately after I did more research after the camp I discovered that plastic water bottle insulation might not be the best form of insulation. Even so, I enjoyed working on creating a blueprint of my tiny house, which I then showed to everyone on a PowerPoint as I talked about my vision.

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks. It was an adventure learning about different marine life. Even if some of it was review, I was still able to learn new information about different organisms everyday. By having a deadline, I was finally able to document some of my ideas for my tiny house on a basic floor plan. This first draft will be the basic outline for my tiny house in the future.