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Self Potrait – September 2017

For the year 2017, I spent my 15th birthday in Liverpool, England. However, the day before we were driving a rental car through the countryside with our destination being Liverpool. During the drive, I drew on my IPad to entertain myself. By the end of the drive I had completed a self potrait of myself in a simple cartoon style. I really like the style that this drawing ended up being and I want to try doing more of this style. 

In the future, I plan on making it a tradition that every year during my birthday I draw a self potrait. This will be helpful in seeing my improvement on my art journey, yet I will also be able to see how my style of clothing and hair changes through the years. 


Octopus Design – October 2017

When fooling around in one of our Biology lectures, one of my friends drew a squiggly line. It wasn’t meant to be particularly anything, but while looking at the line I got an idea from it. As such, I started adding to the small doodle, slowing adding details until it became the octopus that is now. Currently, the octopus design is residing in my notebook. Since I grew to like the design so much, I took a picture of the sketch and drew over it on my IPad; forever digitalizing the image. I imagine that this design might be similar to one someone might choose if they were desiring an octopus tattoo, without too much detail and more zentangle elements.   

Loki – October 2017 

As I draw my original characters more and more, I have begun to get a more solid picture of my characters appearance and their personality. Loki is the type of guy to come off as being too extroverted and optimistic about everything. He is down to do anything and nothing seems to frightened him. I think in a way, I have based him off of my more reckless, adventurous self. Loki is the complete opposite of Khaos. It’s rather cliche, but they’re the sun and moon, earth and sky to each other. 

Shiro, Black Paladin of Voltron – fanart

My cousin recently had a birthday, and consequently a birthday party that my family would be atttending. Since I started my journey in becoming an artist, I’ve stopped purchasing presents and instead creating my own. This allows me to customize the pieces of art I do to each individual person receiving the gift. I had previously been aware of the fact that my cousin is a big Voltron fan making the decision in deciding the subject of my drawing easy. 

This piece is of Shiro, the Black Paladin of Voltron or known to the Voltron fandom as “Space Dad”. I decided to use a mix of waterolor and ink, using mainly the Speedball India Ink and Windsor and Newton Ink in the color titanium white. 

Biological Illustration

On the 15th of July, I took a Biological Illustration class hosted by South Slough. We spent the entire day at the OIMB boathouse practicing different drawing techniques. 

One of my favorite parts of the entire class was when the teacher walked us through on how to find patterns in nature. She started out by handing all the students a pinecone to draw. She then showed us a way to make a preliminary reference on paper: an egg shape with spiraling lines going both left and right, similar to a simple pineapple graphic. This was so that we could later go in and add the details of each umbo. This helped me tremendously, in almost no time I had drawn a decent looking pinecone with practically zero effort. 

Another great technique that she showed us was using a tool called a proportional divider. It is used to help with making sure all the proportions of the item you are drawing are correct and are not slightly skewed. A tip when using this tool is to hold it towards the chosen object of drawing and to keep your head in the same spot throughout the measuring of the item. There is also the really cool trick of changing the size of the object on paper without hindering the proportions at all, this is made capable by the proportional divider as it allows you to magnify things or make them smaller. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the class as it allowed me to discover some new techniques to apply when struggling to get the proportions accurate such as, focus on the shapes of the negative space, blind contour, use a proportional divider, and look for patterns. The class was not geared towards showing you how to draw scientifically, but to show you how to use a variety of techniques in all areas of drawing, even when not drawing a biological illlustration. 

Khaos Fernwell - Full-body 

Full-body art piece of Khaos Fernwell. I created this piece to mainly get feel for where his patches of lighter skin would be and to get an idea of what type of clothes he might wear. 

Arcturus – Digital Art of Orignal Character 

Drawing of my original character (OC) Arcturus, who acts as a mentor in a book that I have been writing in my head for years. I created this drawing on the IPad with the popular Apple Pencil using a wonderful app called Procreate. 

Loki Winterwren – Digital Art of Original Character 

Another character of mine that goes by the name of Loki Winterwren. He is also a main character in my book.

Khaos Fernwell – Digital Art of Original Character

Khaos Fernwell (fen-well) is the protagonist of my book that that I have been wanting to write for years. His design has changed slightly since this drawing, but nothing drastic. 

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