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Digital Art

Khaos Fernwell - Full-body 

Full-body art piece of Khaos Fernwell. I created this piece to mainly get feel for where his patches of lighter skin would be and to get an idea of what type of clothes he might wear. 

Arcturus – Digital Art of Orignal Character 

Drawing of my original character (OC) Arcturus, who acts as a mentor in a book that I have been writing in my head for years. I created this drawing on the IPad with the popular Apple Pencil using a wonderful app called Procreate. 

Loki Winterwren – Digital Art of Original Character 

Another character of mine that goes by the name of Loki Winterwren. He is also a main character in my book. 

Khaos Fernwell – Digital Art of Original Character

Khaos Fernwell (fen-well) is the protagonist of my book that that I have been wanting to write for years. His design has changed slightly since this drawing, but nothing drastic. 

A Gift for My VIP Friend

One of my friends asked myself a favor, of course I complied. She drew a sketch and what colors she wanted, then I took that photo into Medibank Paint Pro and finished it for her.

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