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Shiro, Black Paladin of Voltron – fanart

My cousin recently had a birthday, and consequently a birthday party that my family would be atttending. Since I started my journey in becoming an artist, I’ve stopped purchasing presents and instead creating my own. This allows me to customize the pieces of art I do to each individual person receiving the gift. I had previously been aware of the fact that my cousin is a big Voltron fan making the decision in deciding the subject of my drawing easy. 

This piece is of Shiro, the Black Paladin of Voltron or known to the Voltron fandom as “Space Dad”. I decided to use a mix of waterolor and ink, using mainly the Speedball India Ink and Windsor and Newton Ink in the color titanium white. 


Sunset — 22 August 2016

Sunset — 22 August 2016

Watercolor + India Ink

Based on a sunset seen in Coos Bay, Oregon

Bergen, Norway – Watercolor

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway — 19 July 2016


Based on a photograph found on the internet

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