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East Coast Trip Journal

This last September, we traveled to the East Coast as a family vacation. Despite it being a vacation, we were still learning as we visited a lot of historical sites and buildings, along with monuments or memorials of important events and people. My Mandarin teacher assigned me the project to create a paragraph on 3 different cities that we visited. I choose the 3 cities that we spent the longest time in, those being Boston, New York City, and Washington, DC. We also briefly spent time in Philadelphia and Gettysburg.

The requirements for the homework was to have at least 150 characters for each entry. I went over this threshold as I wanted to include a lot of what we did and some of my thoughts. The editing process with 老师 lasted 3 classes, or hours depending on how you desire to look at it.

今年9月我家人一起过了假期,9月13日-27日。我的生日也在假期中。在我们出发以前, 我们一起做了计划.因为我们有不同的爱好,所以我们想看不同的东西. 我想去很多图书馆, 和艺术博物馆. 爸爸和杰杰都想去看相似的东西. 妈妈想看博物馆和古迹. 所以, 我们的计划里有一些博物馆, 图书馆和古迹. 每次我看到可爱的东西,我画画。转眼我们的假期到了。


Boston, MA
Buildings @ Boston

我们早上6点到了Boston的旅馆。天气很暖和,70度。我们都想在床上睡觉,但是我们想要参观很多受欢迎的古迹。开始我们散步看见了几栋漂亮的房子,然后我们去比萨餐馆吃可口的晚饭。我们散步后,我见到了一个中国人。我们一起练习了说中文,但是她问了我很多问题,比如说:我怎么学习外语我和这个中国人说了再见以后, 我们去了一些艺术博物馆,我最喜欢的是做纸张。
Making paper上个周六我们一起坐火车去了New York City,在火车上, 我一边读书,一边听音乐。我和妈妈都觉得“The One and Only Ivan”是很好的书, 书里面的动物们非常的可爱。



New York City, NY

9月16日, 我们在一个小中餐厅吃了晚饭,大家说:“非常好吃,我希望我们会有机会再吃西安名饭”。

img_0196上个生日, 我生病了,所以我不高兴。下午我们去了“Metropolitan Museum of Art”,在艺术博馆我们玩了游戏。去年我去了很给力的美术博物馆叫“Peggy Guggenheim Museum”,所以我希望“Solomon R.
Guggenheim Museum” 也给力,可惜”Solomon”博物馆没有很多艺术作品。

晚上我们去了很好吃餐馆叫“Benjamin’s Steak House“。因为我不很饿,我选择汤叫”法国洋葱汤“,所以我非常满意。我最喜欢吃法国洋葱汤,我觉得法国洋葱汤非常可口。

Washington, DC

9月22日下午, 我们到了Washington,DC。我们参观了Washington6天,从9月22日—27日。我们的旅馆不太远, 叫“National Mall”, 但是“National Mall”又长又大,所以每天我们走6-7英里。星期五早上我们看了非常大的图书馆,妈妈和我都觉得“Library of Congress”既漂亮又安静。


我喜欢Washington的地铁,因为地铁站里面很冷, 很舒服。Washington地铁比New York地铁好多了。我最喜欢去Holocaust博物馆,因为我觉得“World War II”很有趣。我常常读World War II书。Peggy Guggenheim买了很多艺术作品,因为她觉得Nazi会破坏很漂亮的艺术作品。我们也去了一些“Smithsonian”博物馆,“White House”, “Senate Building”,和“Arlington National Cemetery”。星期一晚上, 我家人和很好的朋友去了非常可口的秘鲁餐厅。


Cock-a-Doodle-Doo Project

Every month our teacher has a goal of sharing with us a story in Mandarin. This time, it was “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo”. Initially, I was required to practice reading and listening to the story while also learning any new vocabulary.

The original story was told entirely via third-person narrative. Shawn then assigned me the task of writing a script and creating a dialogue for the characters. After the script had been reviewed, he gave me the final assignment of creating a ‘play’ whereupon my brother and I could act out the different characters. I was in love with the notion and the project quickly grew into an iStop-Motion video.

I created the background, gathered different toys or printed out clipart for all of the characters, and recorded the audio for each voice-over. Finally, I was ready to start filming. I set up the camera right away and moved each character millimeter by millimeter to add motion to the characters.

It was around this time that we started to run into problems, our memory disk was too full, we were unable to see what we were working on within the editing program (we had to convert each clip),  but we kept at it. For a total of three weeks, my  brother and I worked diligently towards completing this project. Now it is finished, and I could not be happier with the final product.

When I first started learning Mandarin, creating something like this seemed impossible. I thought I would never be able to make a video based on a story, let alone record the entire thing in my second language. I find that when we set our mind to something, we often surprise ourselves and others.


宫保鸡丁 – Brochure

Every month my Mandarin teacher, Shawn, teaches me how to make a traditional Chinese dish. Typically, he gives me the recipe with the ingredients in Chinese and I spend a few minutes familiarizing myself with the new words (生字) before we walk through the recipe together.

This time, however instead of solely giving me the homework to recreate the dish again, he assigned me to the task of designing a brochure in Mandarin (中文) and also in English (英文) for those who are unable to read the language.


After going through several edits, this was the result.  


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