Throughout my family’s recent holiday to the British Isles, I kept a travel journal. I wrote in the journal everyday about what we had seen, how I had felt, and my thoughts at seeing some truly beautiful places with a rich history. In total counting all of my entries from the entire trip, I wrote filled 51 pages in the journal. This is just one of them from my journal of a day when we were visiting London, England.

• 6 September 2017 •

• Lamborghini Shop • Bater St. Underground • King’s Cross Station & Platform 9 3/4 • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part 1 & 2 • Twinings Tea Shop • 

Unfortunately, when I woke up today I had a horrible sore throat and a stuffy nose. However, I wouldn’t let that put me down. After a simple breakfast, we went to the Lamborghini Shop for Jeff [my younger brother], who had been begging for days to go. I will admit that the cars were no half-bad, yet I find it unlikely that I will ever buy a car from Lamborghini. We then went back to Baker Street to get the a photo of me next to the underground sign. As the other day Dad failed to get the entire sign in the photo, having cut of the B in Baker.

Finally, we were able to make our way to King’s Cross Station after a couple of detours. I thought ahead when packing and had broughtt my wan that I got from Ollivander’s when we went to Universal Studios. The people in charge of the props and taking photos of Platform 9 3/4 were suprised to see I had brought my own. In the end, I left the shop at Platform 9 3/4 having bought a hoard of things: Slytherin jumper, scarf, and pin badge along with a marauders map t-shirt, an acceptance letter, a printed photo of meat Platform 9 3/4, and all four of Hogwart’s houses patches.

After Platform 9 3/4 we made our way to the Palace Theatre (where the Cursed Child would be played) by riding the underground. No matter how many times we use the local subway system, at one point during the trip we always manage to get turned around or more accurately, someone decides not to listen to what I am saying and instead get everyone else to do what they think is best. Most of the times it goes alright as they probably have the same idea as the subway expert (me), but every once in a while it doesn’t turn out quite like they’re expecting.

Anyways, before we actually checked in at the theatre we needed to have a quick lunch, as Part 1 of the play started at one and ended two hours later. Today we are at the Pizza Express, think the word express in the name would imply it is quick. It was not.

Quite to the contrary of the meaning of the word express, we ended up having to shovel our food down our gullets to make it to the theatre in time. Even worse, out of the two pizzas we ordered, I didn’t like one and the other was slightly spicy, causing my sore throat to become worse. However, I made it through and we finally arrived on the premise of the theatre.

From the very first scene to the very end my eyes were glued to the stage, memorized by the beautfiul sight. Actors clothed in robes rushing about the stage carry props to and fro, in sync with the music. The truthful and confident dramatic tone of eac line, loudly proclaimed to us by talented, passionate people. It was absolutely, awestruckenly amazing. Something that I will always connect with this trip.

Inbetween the parts of the play we walked to Twinings Tea and had dinner at a little fish & chips dinner. Once again, I probably purchase a little too much tea, but they were having a great deal, to which I couldn’t bare to say no.

By far, my favorite scenes of the play were those when it was Voldemort Day. The combination of actors, music, choreography, and props was seamless. Truly something unforgettable. I even choose to buy another Harry Potter related sweater, but this time with Voldemort’s Dark Mark. I also purchases a different design of the Slytherin Crest patch. The ending of the play left me giddy inside and all I could think about on the way back to the hotel that night was the play.