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2017 National Youth Leadership Training

I had been anticipating attending Nation Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) for nearly a year and so when it was finally the 13th of August I was pumped, but also extremely nervous. I had no clue as to what to expect, I had never particapated in a camp run by the Boy Scout Association. When my family lived in Northern California, I attended a camp for two weeks based all on Norwegian Heritage, but NYLT was something different entirely, yet also the same.

The Patrol Method

Luckily, I knew Dustin, another member of my Venturing Crew, would also be attending. My mom and I carpooled with Dustin and his mom as the location of the camp was nearly five hours away from home. Unfortunately, we arrived later then we were meant to, meaning Dustin and I missed the orientation, however we were both glad to discover that we would be in the same patrol, the Scorpions.

With 46 participants in total staying at the camp, the staff needed to have a way of controlling the large crowd and help illustrate the workings of a patrol. Each patrol was assigned eight participants, not counting our two Patrol Guides (who were there to help us if needed). Luckily, one person assigned to our patrol didn’t show, this meant the Scorpions were able to have an extra portion of food for everyone to share throughout the week.

Cooking & Cleaning Duties

The first two days of camp were undoubtedly the most stressful for me. After having a relaxing summer of not doing much, I was unaccustomed to the amount of activities we had to do. Even though there was a fire ban over the Willamette Forest, each patrol was required to cook their own food. Cooking duty consistently fell to Dustin and I – mainly because we wanted to cook and were both watchful to make sure none of the food burned. The moment we let someone else from our patrol cook, they burned the noodles as they thought it would be a good idea to pour the entire package of noodles into the pot at once. This obivously didn’t work how they intended it to and the noodles spilled over the pot, completely missing the boiling water. The noodles went everywhere, spilling onto the table, the floor, into the crevices of the stove, and even into the small fire. We had to quickly turn the stove off and clean the mess up, but after that no one else, but Dustin and I, were allowed to cook.

Additionally, I often willingingly chose to partake in cleaning up after the meals, as I find cleaning stress relieving. As an introvert, I needed all the stress relief I could find, seeing as I was unable to have any alone time with the buddy system in place. Regardless of the fact that Dustin and I, along with Gabe did most of the work in our patrol, I had a spectacular time after the first two days passed.

Leadership Classes & Team Building

Throughout the camp, we attended a variety of speeches by the patrol guides all designed to help us become better leaders, which was the entire point of the camp. Even though we were constantly learning something new (I, myself, learning more than just things relating to leadership), there was also many fun games. Many of the games were meant to help strengthen the patrol as a team, yet they were always fun and enjoyable.

One of the games we played was where we had to all stand on one tarp and then flip it over with everyone still standing on it. It was a good thing that Gabe knew exactly what to do as I had no clue what to do, I was even confused on the format of the game. After we completed it the first time, we had to do it again, but not talk at all. The second time through was slightly more difficult, but not so much that it was impossible.

The Outbound

On Thursday afternoon, all the patrols departed to go on the Outbound. We were not allowed to bring tents, seeing that we were required to make a shelter out of tarp and rope and then stay the night in the tarp shelter. Fortunately, they did allow us to bring sleeping bags and pads. Ironically, Dustin and to some extant Gabs had it in their heads that it would be rather warm that night so they purposely did not pack their sleeping bag. Dustin even neglected to bring a jacket so all he had to sleep in was his t-shirt. In the end, I lent him my scarf and he later told me that it probably saved his life as he was accidentally pushed out of their shelter. In the morning, when the girls returned to the boy’s campsite, Gabe and Dustin were desperately trying to stay warm, their feet and arms having become numb. It was a rather amusing sight to see so I also lent them my shawl from Peru, which was made of Alpaca wool. In the end, Dustin, Gabe, Seneca, and I ended up cuddling for a good hour in order to stay warm.

Closing Ceremony

At the end of camp, we had a campfire ceremony to celebrate, but because of the fire ban we had no fire so I dubbed it Camp-rock. As part of the ceremony all the patrols were required to perform a skit that each patrol had been working on throughout the week. The skits were designed to show the meaning of leadership or something else that we learned from camp. Several patrols took inspiration from skits well known by all the Boy Scouts, but the Scorpions decided it would be better to create an original skit. Our goal was to make sure that everyone in our patrol had a significant role to play in the skit.

Gabe was the narrator of a grand quest that six young scouts went on to find the great Cameron Willet (our patrol guide) to ask him the meaning of leadership. There were a variety of scenarios that these scouts went through to illustrate that they already had the beginning of leadership inside them: crossing a river, treating hypothermia, creating a shelter, tending to a scorpion sting, and encouraging fellow teammates. In the end, they found Cameron and told him of all they did to find him. Cameron informed them that based on their previous actions they had already found the meaning of leadership and that it was inside them all along.

At the end, my mom tells me that of all the skits performed that evening, she thought that the Scorpion’s skit was the best. I am still not sure if a portion of her decision was effected by the fact I was apart of it.

Another part of the ceremony was to exchange our patrol neckerchiefs for a special neckerchief only given to you after completing NYLT. Personally, that was one of the most exciting parts of the entire camp, namely because I love neckerchiefs and may have a slight obsession with them.

The ending of camp was bittersweet, having created new friends that I wanted to get to know even more. However, I was eager to return home, after spending an entire week in a location with dusty dirt that I am still brushing out of my hair. I’m looking forward to possibly staffing at NYLT next year.


Chicago Trip 中文 Journal

3月23日我的家人会去芝加哥一个星期, 因为我爸爸要去那里开会。芝加哥星期五的天气应该很不错,但是可能会下雨和刮风。我家人非常高兴,因为我和弟弟没有去过芝加哥。

23日是星期四,我爸爸工作回家以后,我们坐车去Portland。星期五, 爸爸的好朋友带了我们去Portland的机场以后,我们一起坐三小时半飞机去芝加哥。我们两点十五分到了芝加哥。星期五我家人在“Shake Shack”吃晚饭, 我吃了汉堡和薯条。爸爸说:“明天晚上我们会吃有名的芝加哥披萨。我也想吃烤肉。”

周六我爸爸要去开会,妈妈弟弟和我参观了芝加哥博物馆。可惜很多人也参观美术博物馆,因为周六的天气非常冷。美术博物馆里有我最喜欢的艺术家Jackson Pollock的一件艺术品。爸爸回家了以后,我家人在Lou Malnati’s Pizza吃了晚饭。我们一起 吃了有名的芝加哥披萨,非常好吃。

星期天天气不好,下大雨,刮风,非常冷。妈妈弟弟和我在Yolk吃了早饭以后,我们参观了Field 博物馆。我买了很漂亮的耳环,它们是小蛇耳环。和纽约市比起来,我更喜欢芝加哥。因为芝加

East Coast Trip Journal

This last September, we traveled to the East Coast as a family vacation. Despite it being a vacation, we were still learning as we visited a lot of historical sites and buildings, along with monuments or memorials of important events and people. My Mandarin teacher assigned me the project to create a paragraph on 3 different cities that we visited. I choose the 3 cities that we spent the longest time in, those being Boston, New York City, and Washington, DC. We also briefly spent time in Philadelphia and Gettysburg.

The requirements for the homework was to have at least 150 characters for each entry. I went over this threshold as I wanted to include a lot of what we did and some of my thoughts. The editing process with 老师 lasted 3 classes, or hours depending on how you desire to look at it.

今年9月我家人一起过了假期,9月13日-27日。我的生日也在假期中。在我们出发以前, 我们一起做了计划.因为我们有不同的爱好,所以我们想看不同的东西. 我想去很多图书馆, 和艺术博物馆. 爸爸和杰杰都想去看相似的东西. 妈妈想看博物馆和古迹. 所以, 我们的计划里有一些博物馆, 图书馆和古迹. 每次我看到可爱的东西,我画画。转眼我们的假期到了。


Boston, MA
Buildings @ Boston

我们早上6点到了Boston的旅馆。天气很暖和,70度。我们都想在床上睡觉,但是我们想要参观很多受欢迎的古迹。开始我们散步看见了几栋漂亮的房子,然后我们去比萨餐馆吃可口的晚饭。我们散步后,我见到了一个中国人。我们一起练习了说中文,但是她问了我很多问题,比如说:我怎么学习外语我和这个中国人说了再见以后, 我们去了一些艺术博物馆,我最喜欢的是做纸张。
Making paper上个周六我们一起坐火车去了New York City,在火车上, 我一边读书,一边听音乐。我和妈妈都觉得“The One and Only Ivan”是很好的书, 书里面的动物们非常的可爱。



New York City, NY

9月16日, 我们在一个小中餐厅吃了晚饭,大家说:“非常好吃,我希望我们会有机会再吃西安名饭”。

img_0196上个生日, 我生病了,所以我不高兴。下午我们去了“Metropolitan Museum of Art”,在艺术博馆我们玩了游戏。去年我去了很给力的美术博物馆叫“Peggy Guggenheim Museum”,所以我希望“Solomon R.
Guggenheim Museum” 也给力,可惜”Solomon”博物馆没有很多艺术作品。

晚上我们去了很好吃餐馆叫“Benjamin’s Steak House“。因为我不很饿,我选择汤叫”法国洋葱汤“,所以我非常满意。我最喜欢吃法国洋葱汤,我觉得法国洋葱汤非常可口。

Washington, DC

9月22日下午, 我们到了Washington,DC。我们参观了Washington6天,从9月22日—27日。我们的旅馆不太远, 叫“National Mall”, 但是“National Mall”又长又大,所以每天我们走6-7英里。星期五早上我们看了非常大的图书馆,妈妈和我都觉得“Library of Congress”既漂亮又安静。


我喜欢Washington的地铁,因为地铁站里面很冷, 很舒服。Washington地铁比New York地铁好多了。我最喜欢去Holocaust博物馆,因为我觉得“World War II”很有趣。我常常读World War II书。Peggy Guggenheim买了很多艺术作品,因为她觉得Nazi会破坏很漂亮的艺术作品。我们也去了一些“Smithsonian”博物馆,“White House”, “Senate Building”,和“Arlington National Cemetery”。星期一晚上, 我家人和很好的朋友去了非常可口的秘鲁餐厅。

The Malala Experience

We had first briefly learned about Malala Yousafzai and what she stood for when she was shot in the head by the Taliban in 2012. The news having spread throughout the world with social media and the global news stations. Other than that small information about her I didn’t know much about her, until we listened to her book in preparation for going to her talk in Portland.

She continued to fight for what she believed in, even when facing a threat of death. She prevailed past an injury that certainly would have killed her if she had not received the necessary treatment at the right time. Malala showed bravery and strength in the face of terror and continues fighting for what she believes. Malala is fighting for the right that every child has the ability to go to school for 12 years of primary and secondary education. This is what makes her one of my role models.

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” — Malala Yousafzai

The occasion to see Malala Yousafzai first came to us in May, we immediately purchased tickets after giving it little thought, already aware that it would provide a wonderful learning experience. I was not disappointed, for what she spoke about was truly inspiring.

She spoke about the fact that not only did women need to stand up for girls’ education, but also the men. For we need to work together for there to be change that lasts generations past our own.

Malala Yousafzai - 13008190293
Photography by Southbank Centre [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

When Malala talked about her family, she was an ordinary girl. She reminded me of myself when I think of my family, I could almost see into her soul as she remembered brief interactions between herself and her family. Malala’s eyes lit up as she described how her mother is the strict parent while her father the fun one. The realization that she, like most teenagers, hates having to get up early in the morning to go to school resonated with me.

The fact that when she auditioned to be the Head Girl at the high school that she attends she did not win, shows that everyone can still lose even after accomplishing a great deed. She is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, yet she did not mention this in her application, wanting to focus only on her academic achievements.  She told us that the girl that did win, “is very nice and can do everything.” Instead, Malala was awarded the Deputy Head Girl, which she gladly accepted. This made me happy to know that the people who are receiving these great awards can still be humble. She spoke about her classmate the same respect as she spoke about our president.

The one topic that struck me like a bolt of lightning was the fact that what these girls want most is the opportunity and freedom to willingly go to school and to learn. They are all aware that the only way to create a better life for themselves is to have a good education which will provide them with opportunities to find a good job, good pay, and be treated equally. They dream to have a pile of textbooks and a stack of homework to study and work through in the evening.

In contrast, every child with the privilege to go to school is stressing over whether they will get that brand new toy that they saw advertised on TV or a laptop on Christmas. To have a place to learn should be treasured, no matter what country you reside. In America and other more developed countries, going to school is always put on the back-burner and seen as a necessary evil and is regarded as burdensome.

Malala Yousafzai has inspired me to speak up for what I believe in. Immediately after the talk, I signed up for The Malala Fund. In the future, I plan on sharing what I think needs to be changed and then acting upon what I want changed.

The Piano Guys + Crater Lake

We traveled to see The Piano Guys in concert at The Brit Festival in Jacksonville and then camped near Crater Lake for the rest of the weekend. Going to Crater Lake and in-turn Wizard Island was on each of our Bucket Lists since forever and it finally happened. I took more than necessary amount of pictures and filled a couple of pages in my sketchbook.

We were lucky enough to obtain front row tickets to The Piano Guys concert. We had seen them perform once before and we were fully aware that it would be a blast. The very last song they played was an exclusive of their new song titled “It’s Gonna Be Okay”. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the song, but it immediately became my favorite song by them after only hearing a few beats.



By far the most shocking was when we got that first look at Crater Lake. The pigmentation of the water was unbelievable, if I was going to name the color “True Blue” would still not express how blue it was.

It was very hot and after hiking down the water, to the summit of Wizard Island, and back down to the water, I was parched. I wasted no time jumping into the lake – it was very cold but so refreshing.



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